Friday, January 25, 2019

The Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis #Podcast #Playlist #124

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The Eclectic Chair Podcast Playlist #124

1. The Lucky Nows “Hell” Rise 2018 Reed Record Co. 
2. The Lucky Nows “Cannonball Girl” Rise 2018 Reed Record Co. or or
4. Terry Klein “Straw Hat” Tex 2019 Heavy Touch or
5. Randy Casey “That Train” I Got Lucky 2018 Self or or
6. Jeremy Nail “Rolling Dice” Live Oak 2018 Open Nine Music or
7. Shemekia Copeland “Ain’t Got Time For Hate” America’s Child 2018 Alligator Records or or
8. Texas Queens 5 “Cockroach Run” Bloodiest Saxophone 2019 VizzTone or
9.Texas Queens 5 “The Grapevine” (vocals Lauren Cervantes) Bloodiest Saxophone 2019 VizzTone or or
10. Ray Bonneville “It’ll Make A Hole In You” Ray Bonneville at King Electric 2018 Stonefly Records or or
11. Steve Howell & The Mighty Men featuring Katy Hobgood Ray “Bacon Fat” Good As I Been To You 2018 Out Of The Past Music or or or
12. Waydown Wailers “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” Backland Blues 2018 Woodstock Records or
13. Buddy Guy “A Few Good Years” The Blues Is Alive And Well 2018 Silvertone/Sony or 
14. Buddy Guy featuring Mick Jagger “You Did The Crime” The Blues Is Alive And Well 2018 Silvertone/Sony or or
Hour Two
15. Kat Riggins “A Girl In The Boys Club” In The Boys Club 2018 Bluzpik Media or or
16. Geoff Achison “Misha Bela” Sovereign Town 2018 Jupiter 2 Records or or 

17. Big Apple Blues “Take Two” Manhattan Alley 2018 Stone Tone Records or
18. Jann Klose “What It Is” In Tandem 2018 Gallo Records/Sheer Sound! or or

19. Eamon O’Leary “The Second Battle” All Souls 2018 Reveal Records or or

21. Lillias White “Stand Up Proud – An Anthem 4 Freedom” 2018 Eileen Bluestone Sherman & Gail Bluestone or
22. Bob Corritore and Friends “The Glide” Don’t Let The Devil Ride 2018 VizzTone Records or or or
23. Deb Ryder “Life Fast Forward” Enjoy The Ride 2018 VizzTone Records or or or
24. Billy Price “Expert Witness” Reckoning 2018 VizzTone Records or or
25. Hadley McCall Thackston “Change” Hadley McCall Thackston 2018 Wolfe Island Records or or
26. Paul Filipowicz “Unfiltered” Unfiltered 2018 Big Jake Records or
27. Sean Poluk “No More Hate” No More Hate 2018 Self or or
28. Grand Marquis “Brighter Days” Brighter Days 2018 Grand Marquis Music or
29. Shemekia Copeland “AmericansAmerica’s Child 2018 Alligator Records or or
☮☞The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced and hosted as a labor of love by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio. Thank You for Listening. Peace. ♫☮

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