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Eclectic Chair 391 airs Monday 10/28 1-3pm on Q90.1FM

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This week’s show is Thank You Eclectic Chair 391 w/Trish Lewis airs
Monday October 28th, 2013 from 1-3pm on Wucx Q90.1Fm
Delta College Quality Public Radio is pulled out by and features
Pat Cronley Group All You Care To Eat and remain Tenacious,
Tedeschi Trucks Band bring their Sweet and Low Made Up Mind,
Jen Cass was Almost Live in Studio C with her Cannonball Girl,
Bob Hausler’s Fifty Seven recorded Live In Studio C,
Anders Osborne achieves Peace,
Jon Zeeman says he’s Down On My Luck,
Chris James and Patrick Rynn 
dodge Just Another Kick In The Teeth,
The Claudettes are Serenading The Clean-Up Crew,
Jen Cass pens Dear Mr. President almost Live In Studio C,
Laurie Middlebrook Band You've Got The Right to Give It To Me
Live At The Delta College Lecture Theater
Jeff Yantz
 Jeff Schrems
Andrew Rogers
Jeff Yantz & The No Name String Band 2.0
(Jeff Schrems, Bass & Andrew Rogers, Violin) 
remain Leanin’ On The Shovel,
Béla Fleck is lit by a Hunter’s Moon on The Imposter,
Stephen Colarelli describes a Beautiful Fall Day 
from his Better Days,
Jeff Schrems picks us a Pretty Little Posey,
Gretchen Peters greets Hello Cruel World,
Bob Hausler soothes Don’t Cry,
Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions 
have us in their Back Pocket,
American Underdog Andy Reed takes us to Portland,
Jen Cass praises Hallelujah on her Accidental Pilgrimage,
Cash O’Riley and David Roof spring Jackson County Jail,
Anders Osborne turns 47,
Dan Vaillancourt reminds me I’m not just
Binary Code When the lights come on…
Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon ask Why Live In Studio C,
John Ginty featuring Albert Castiglia contains the Damage Control
and Pat Cronley’s Soulfish Pick Up The Pieces 
and returns the Eclectic Chair
back upside down on the table with Level 5!
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Eclectic Chair 391 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-FM
Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” 
Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records
1. Pat Cronley Group “All You Care To Eat” Tenacious 2002 Satofa / Chronic Records 

2.  Tedeschi Trucks Band “Sweet and Low” Made Up Mind 2013 Sony Records 

3. Jen Cass “Cannonball Girl” [To Be Released 2013] Recorded Almost Live In Studio C 2012 
4. Bob Hausler “Fifty Seven” Recorded Live In Studio C 2012 A Radio Chair Production 
5. Anders Osborne “Peace” (Radio Edit) Peace 2013 Alligator Records 

6. Pat Cronley Group “Tenacious” Tenacious 2002 Satofa / Chronic Records
7. Jon Zeeman “You’re Right, I’m Wrong” Down On My Luck 2013 Membrane Records
8. Chris James & Patrick Rynn “Just Another Kick In The Teeth” Barrelhouse Stomp 2013 Earwig Music or
9. The Claudettes “Serenading The Clean-Up Crew” Infernal Piano Plot…Hatched! 2013 Yellow Dog Records or or  or

10. Jen Cass “Dear Mr. President” [Originally from Accidental Pilgrimage 2006 Blind Justice Records] 
Recorded Live In Studio C 2012 A Radio Chair Production or or Live Song on YouTube:
11. Laurie Middlebrook “You’ve Got The Right” Live At The Delta College Lecture Theater November 2011 or
12. Laurie Middlebrook “Give It To Me” Live At The Delta College Lecture Theater November 2011 or
Jeff Yantz
Jeff Schrems
Andrew Rogers
13. Jeff Yantz & The No Name String Band 2.0 (Jeff Schrems, Bass & Andrew Rogers, Violin) “Leanin’ On The Shovel” 2013 or or or

14. Béla Fleck “Hunter’s Moon” The Imposter 2013 Mercury Records or

15. Stephen Colarelli “Beautiful Fall Day” Better Days 2011 Manistee River Music 

16. Jeff Schrems “Pretty Little Posey” Ohh…Now I Get It 2012 Self or

17. Gretchen Peters “Hello Cruel World” Hello Cruel World 2011 Circus Girl Music/ 101 Dist. or or or

18. Bob Hausler “Don’t Cry” 2008 Unreleased [AKA: Not Available In Stores!] or or!/bhausler1

19. Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions “Back Pocket” Northern Hospitality Vol. 1 And Other 

20. American Underdog Andy Reed “Portland” Always On The Run 2011 Blunk Street Music / Pop Factory Records or or!/andyreedmusic
21. Jen Cass “Hallelujah” Accidental Pilgrimage 2006 Blind Justice Records or

22. Cash O’Riley & David Roof “Jackson County Jail” Jackson County Jail 2013 An American Wax Original or 

23. Anders Osborne “47” Peace 2013 Alligator Records or or

24. Dan Vaillancourt “Binary Code” When the lights come on… 2013 Daniel L. Vaillancourt or or or

25. Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon “Why”  Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 
10-15-2012 A Radio Chair Production

26. John Ginty featuring Albert Castiglia “Damage Control” Bad News Travels 2013 American Showplace or  or or

27. Soulfish (Pat Cronley Group) “Pick Up The Pieces” Soulfish 2005 Chronic Records
28. Soulfish (Pat Cronley Group) “Level 5” Soulfish 2005 Chronic Records
The Eclectic Chair is broadcast from the studios of Wucx-Fm Delta College 
Quality Public Radio. “haven’t done as well as I thought I would / I’m not dead 
but I’m damaged goods / And it’s gettin’ late / I’m a rusty hinge, a squeaky wheel 
at the bad end of a shaky deal / cursed by the hand of fate / and ooooooh – 
I’m a very lucky girl / yeah ooooooh – hello cruel world” Lyrics from the song
“Hello Cruel World” by Gretchen Peters.☮ 
A Songwriters Showcase featuring 
Gretchen Peters 
with special guests 
Laurie Middlebrook 
and Jen Cass
Jazz on Wheels will keep rollin' regardless because, 
in the words of Jake and Elwood Blues

"We're On A Mission From GOD"

 Pat Cronley, Nick Calandro and Marcia Allan will play

"Whine" on Wackerly in Midland on 

Friday, November 1, 2013 from 8-11

Whine’s Website:

337 East Wackerly, Midland, Michigan 48642

Phone:  989-835-5222

Huge THANK YOUs to all 23 
contributors who took their pledge drive seats
On the Wucx Eclectic Chair Eclectic Wall Of Contributors 
Fall 2012 Thanks to Co-Hosts 
Pat Cronley & Marcia Allan of Jazz On Wheels 
& Beth & Bob Hausler!
1. George Patton - Midland
2. Bob Wall - Saginaw
3. Gordon Cook - Flint
4. Paula M. Holevac – Saginaw
5. Michael Judd – Birch Run
6. Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo C. Lopez - Midland
7. Martha Wesley - Saginaw
8. Noel Massie – Auburn Hills
9. Jeff Yantz (Mr. Happy!) - Bay City
10. Anonymous – Bay City
11. Anne Mitchell - Saginaw
12. Mr. and Mrs. Hank Kaufmann - Saginaw
13. Ed Kerns - Midland
14. Claire – Port Austin
15. Anonymous – Bay City
16. Jon Potrykus – Essexville
17. James Nelson - Saginaw
18. Joyce Hardy - Kawkawlin
19. Anonymous - Saginaw
20. Virginia Young - Midland
21. Duke Yost – Midland
22. John Grundner – Bay City
23. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sharper - Saginaw