Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eclectic Chair #218 airs from 1-3p.m. on Monday March 1st, 2010. Last week's show repeats every Monday from 3-5a.m. for the nighthawks & insomniacs. This week's Eclectic Chair is pulled out by Leonard Cohen's "Tower Of Song" because in the world according to Leonard: "...the rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor." Loads of requests this week and next. Take your seats!

Take Your Seat On The Eclectic Chair#218 with Host Trish Lewis from WUCX-FM

Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or

1.  Leonard Cohen “Tower Of SongI’m Your Man 1988 Columbia Records
2. Patty Griffin “Move Up” Downtown Church 2010 Credential Records
3.  Tom Waits “Jesus Gonna Be Here” Beautiful Maladies – The Island Years 1998 Island Records
4. Elvis Costello “Down Among the Wines and Spirits” Secret, Profane and Sugarcane 2009 Hear Music or
6. Don Ray Band “Top Of The Heap” On Top Of The Heap 2009 Margdon Records or
7. Damon Fowler “James” Sugar Shack 2009 Blind Pig Records or
8. Don Ray Band “I Might Just Say Goodbye” On Top Of The Heap 2009 Margdon Records or
9. Damon Fowler “Sugar Lee” Sugar Shack 2009 Blind Pig Records or
10. Big James & The Chicago Playboys “I Love ‘Em” Right Here Right Now 2009 or
11. Bonepony “Love Ain’t Predictable” Feeling It 2006 Super Duper Recording or or
12. Janiva Magness “You Sound Pretty Good” What Love Will Do 2008 Alligator Records or
13. Janiva Magness “Bitter Pill” What Love Will Do 2008 Alligator Records or
14. The Toler/Townsend Band “Full Time Fool” The Toler/Townsend Band 2009 Garage Door Records or
15. The Toler/Townsend Band “Ali Shuffle” The Toler/Townsend Band 2009 Garage Door Records or

Hour Two
16. The Bearinger Boys “The Doctor Says” The Fight 2010 John Vasquez and The Bearinger Boys or
17. Dave Frishberg “My Attorney Bernie” Dave Frishberg at The Jazz Bakery: Retromania 2005 Arbors Records or
18. Rebecca Loebe “Mystery Prize” Mystery Prize 2010
19. Cary Ewing “Real Time” Bottomless Soul 2010 Jolly Roger Studio Recording or or
20. Dan Vaillancourt “Lovely Distractions” Lovely Distractions 2008 or
21.April Smith and The Great Picture Show “Colors” Songs For A Sinking Ship 2010 Little Roscoe or
22. Duality “Duality” …On Reflection 2007
23. Tom Waits “The Part You Throw Away” Glitter and Doom Live 2009 Anti- Records or
24. Zig Zeitler “Waffles At Midnight” Bouzouki (Boo-Zoo-Kee: Noun) 2008 White Crow Records
25. Eric Bibb “Buckets Of Rain” Diamond Days 2006 Telarc Records or
26. The Wood Brothers “Buckets Of Rain” Loaded 2008 Blue Note Records or
27. Bob Dylan “It’s All Good” Together Through Life 2009 Sony  Music or
28. Tom Paxton “Get Up And Go” Where Have All The Flowers Gone – The Songs Of Pete Seeger 1998 Appleseed Records or
29. Loudon Wainwright III “The Man Who Couldn’t Cry” Recovery 2008 Yep Roc Records or
30. Project Trio “Visual Machine” 2010 Project Trio / What Is Project or

The Eclectic Chair is produced in the studios of Delta College Quality Public Radio WUCX-FM. “Grace is still there when you fall.” – Dan Vaillancourt Have a seat on the next Eclectic Chair each week on this fine public radio station. PEACE