Monday, December 15, 2014

Eclectic Chair #12 Podcast week of 15 December 2014

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The Eclectic Chair Podcast #12 with Trish Lewis
is pulled out by Donny Brown who asks
to Call Me from the Hess Street E.P.,
Etta Britt is Starting A Rumor
that Etta Does Delbert and
Delbert McClinton has a hard time
Livin’ It Down but it’s Nothing Personal,
George Taylor is Breakin’ In Boots
come Rain or Shine,
Eilen Jewell serves us that High Shelf Booze
with Letters From Sinners & Strangers,
The Late, Great Lou Whitney and The Morrells ask
us How Come My Dog Don't Bark? 
and to Think About It!
Bonnie Raitt is Down To You on her Slipstream,
The Howlin’ Brothers dance a Troubled Waltz
at The Sun Studio Sessions,
Scott H. Biram knows I'm Troubled
by Nothin’ But Blood,
Bill Phillippe describes
Big Bill’s Dream of Ghosts,
Shelly Waters does Drive to the State Line,
Donny Brown draws his Lucky Number,
Loudon Wainwright III has 
a Hard Day on the Planet,
Jeff Yantz knows They'll Stone You,
Blue Lunch serves a Lake Erie Highball
to escort us into Hour Two Above The Fold
then wonder why Everybody’s On the Phone,
Michael ONeill knows I Like It Like That,
Eden Brent sees Opportunity
in her Jigsaw Heart,
David Vest outs a Crooked Politician
with a Roadhouse Revelation,
Selwyn Birchwood remains Overworked
and Underpaid but Don't Call No Ambulance,
Craig Cassler pays 25 Cents
for Three Words Back To You,
Andy Reed describes Crimes of Paris
that are Oddities and Entities,
Donny Brown appreciates The Night
I Fell For You on Hess Street E.P.
Robbie Fulks warns When You Get
to the Bottom you’ll be Gone Away Backward,
Eilen Jewell declares I'm Gonna Dress
In Black drifting on a Sea Of Tears,
Peaches and Crime needs The Match Maker
to find a Self-Made Man who will dance a
Very Happy Polka and Do Bad Things,
Jeff Schrems Pretty Little Posey
blooms Ohh…Now I Get It!
and The Knickerbocker All-Stars return
 the Eclectic Chair back upside down on the table
because It’s Later Than You Think
from Open Mic At The Knick!
Reserve Your Seat.
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
This program is produced as a labor of love in
the Positively Fourth Street Studio.
Thanks to Bob & Beth Hausler
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Eclectic Chair Podcast #12 with Trish Lewis
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☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced each week as a labor of love
 by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio and hosted by Beth
and Bob Hausler. Thank You for Listening. “Tear it up crazy angel/Let your
reckless heart roam/And when you get to the bottom/You'll know you've
come home” – Lyric from the song “When You Get to the Bottom” by
Robbie Fulks. Peace.♫