Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eclectic Chair #5 Podcast for week of Halloween 2014

Thanks to Beth & Bob Hausler
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The Eclectic Chair Halloween Podcast #5
is pulled out by Jeff Yantz covering the new
Sean Drysdale classic Wicked Me,
Don Rauf’s Life in A Blender
Warn Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped
because We Already Have Birds That Sing,
Joe Sullivan enjoys Love In Every Bite
as a pop Shlockstar,

Bob Hausler helps us mourn 
The Day The Bearded Lady Died
with Family, Friends, and The Good Life,
Dan Vaillancourt sees Devils and Angels
 When the lights come on…
Tom Waits roots for that Last Leaf,
Soul Brothers Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls
bring a Voodoo Queen,

Graham Wood Drout’s Iko-Iko
takes a Walk With The Zombie,

Hurricane Ruth has lived through a
Cold Day In Hell
being Born On The River,

Claude Butch Morgan & The Band-A-Holics
watch Ol’ Black Crow perch from Dry,
David Olney stuffs a Scarecrow Man
When The Deal Goes Down,
Georgie Bonds prays Lord, Oh Lord
as he’s Stepping Into Time,
Altered Five Blues Band is Cryin’ Mercy
from their Demon Woman,
Betse Ellis escorts us into Hour Two with Stamper
(A Tribute To Art Stamper) on High Moon Order,
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds order us
to Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Grand Marquis watch The Spider
& The Fly Hold On To Me,
Camela Widad brings Angels & Devils
who are both Warriors of Love,

Cornpone (In Flux) Jon Potrykus & Jeff Schrems
brought Hell Recorded Live in Studio C,
Tom Waits knows After You Die
you’ll be Bad As Me,
Neale Eckstein & Friends Click in a Watery Grave,
Graham Wood Drout with Albert Castiglia
see the Ghosts Of Mississippi
when they throw Bullets In The Bonfire Vol. 1,
(Jen Sygit, Laura Ann Bates, 
Diana Ladio & Jo Serrapere)
all know what’s Down In The Cellar
and they're not so very  Sorry, Stella!
Hardin & Burns (Andrew Hardin & Jeannie Burns)
fell Down The Deep Well,
Gretchen Peters with Rodney Crowell
know a Dark Angel and hail Hello Cruel World,

John Prine carves Daddy’s Little Pumpkin
from The Missing Years,

Bob Wall begs Don’t Tell The Angels
because of his Anachronism,

The Burdons Live
(David & Jim Davenport, Paul Schultz 
& Scott Causley)
know I'm No Good in a Penny Arcade,
Traeder (Carrie Treder & David Benway Cline) 
rescue a Fallen Angel with No Evil From Me,
and The Snyders’ Chili Jeff
returns the Eclectic Chair back
upside down on the table with Growing Pains.
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
This program is produced as a labor of love in
the Positively Fourth Street Studio.
Thanks to Bob & Beth Hausler
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Halloween Eclectic Chair Podcast #5 
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2. Life in A Blender “Frankenstein Cannot Be Stopped” We Already Have Birds That Sing 
3. Joe Sullivan “Love In Every Bite” Shlockstar 2014 Self or

4. Bob Hausler “The Day The Bearded Lady Died” Family, Friends, and The Good Life
5. Dan Vaillancourt “Devils and Angels” When the lights come on… 2013 Daniel L. Vaillancourt or or

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9. Hurricane Ruth “Cold Day In Hell” Born On The River 2014 Ruth LaMaster or

11. David Olney “Scarecrow Man” When The Deal Goes Down 2014 Deadbeet Records or  or
Candy Hangover from Halloween 2014? 
Here's David Olney to make us feel better
on our Sad Saturday Night...
12. Georgie Bonds “Lord, Oh Lord” Stepping Into Time 2013 8th Train Records
13. Altered Five Blues Band “Demon Woman” Cryin’ Mercy 2014 Omni Vibe Records
14. Betse Ellis “Stamper (A Tribute To Art Stamper)” High Moon Order 2013 Free Dirt
Hour Two

15. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!! 2008 Anti Records
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20. Neale Eckstein & Friends “Watery Grave” Click – Songs by Neale Eckstein & Friends
21. Graham Wood Drout’s Iko-Iko with Albert Castiglia “Ghosts Of Mississippi”
Bullets In The Bonfire Vol. 1 2014 Little Silver Records
22. Stella! “Down In The Cellar” Sorry, Stella! 2013 Earthwork / Detroit Radio
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28. Traeder “Fallen Angel” No Evil From Me 2010 Carrie Treder or or
29. The Snyders “Chili Jeff” Growing Pains 2014 Salon De Musique or or
The Eclectic Chair is produced each week by Trish Lewis in the Positively
Fourth Street Studio and podcast hosted by Beth and Bob Hausler.
Thank you for listening. Peace. “Larry made his nest up in the autumn
branches/Built from nothing but high hopes and thin air…”

– Lyrics from the song “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!” by Nick Cave.