Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eclectic Chair #202 from 1-3pm Monday 9 November 2009 features the truly eclectic acid folk band Lee Harvey Osmond

Today's Eclectic Chair #202 from 1-3pm Monday 9 November 2009 features the truly eclectic acid folk band Lee Harvey Osmond.THE WUCX-FM ECLECTIC CHAIR #202 WITH HOST TRISH LEWISIntroduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or
1. Lee Harvey Osmond “The Love Of One” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
2. Lee Harvey Osmond “Cuckoo’s Nest” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or

3. Lee Harvey Osmond “Queen Bee” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records
4. Lee Harvey Osmond “Blade Of Grass” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
5. Lee Harvey Osmond “I’m Going To Stay That Way” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
6. Kill Floyd Jones “Better Man” 2009 Brian Whaley Recording

7.  Lee Harvey Osmond “Lucifer’s Blues” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
8. Peter Mulvey “Some People” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
9. Chris Smither “Call Yourself” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or
10. Justin Townes Earl “Midnight At The Movies” Midnight At The Movies 2009 Bloodshot Records or
11. Eilen Jewell “Nowhere In No Time” Sea Of Tears Signature Sounds or
12. Saffire the Uppity Blues Women “The Bad Times” Havin’ The Last Word 2009 Alligator  or
13. Pam Royal “Andy’s Biscuits” Andy’s Burnt Biscuits 2009 Ackean Music
14. Pam Royal “My Used To Be”Andy’s Burnt Biscuits 2009 Ackean Music
Hour Two
15. Pam Royal “Heart On The Line”Andy’s Burnt Biscuits 2009 Ackean Music
16. Lee Harvey Osmond “Parkland” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records
17. Lee Harvey Osmond “Summer Girl” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
18. The Refugees “The Violin Song” Unbound 2008 Wabuho Records or
19. The Refugees “Save The Best For Last” Unbound 2008 Wabuho Records or
20.  Chris Smither “I Don’t Know” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or
21. Richard Shindell “A Juggler Out In Traffic” Not Far Now 2009 Signature Sounds
22. Peter Mulvey “…Plus The Many Inevitable Fragments” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
23. Peter Mulvey “Dynamite Bill” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
24. Claudia Schmidt “God’s Gift To Women” Spinning 2006
25. Elvis Costello “Sulfur To Sugarcane” Secret, Profane and Sugarcane 2009 Concord or
26. Dan Vaillancourt “I Am Your Radio”Lovely Distractions 2008 Dan Vaillancourt Music
27. Lee Harvey Osmond “I Can’t Stand It” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
28. Enrico Crivellaro “Casa Babylon” Mojo Zone: The Blues Guitar Of Enrico Crivellaro 2009 Electro-Fi Records or
29. Richard Pryor “Heart & Brain” Revolution Evolution – The Early Years 1966-1974 2005 Warner Rhino Records or or
THE ECLECTIC CHAIR IS PRODUCED IN THE STUDIOS OF DELTA COLLEGE QUALITY PUBLIC RADIO W.U.C.X.-F.M. My Thank You will be the next six months of less blather and more music!