Friday, April 20, 2012

Eclectic Chair Live In Studio C 23 April 2012 1-3pm EST

Welcome to the Eclectic Chair's cyber home. No Stream Yet.
But there are two podcasts of old shows #306 & #315 thanks to Bob Hausler
(who got tired of waiting!) available here:
Beth Hausler, Trish Lewis & Bob Hausler
Songwriter Bob Hausler with his wife Beth Hausler (who graced us with her radio broadcast debut!) took their seat Monday April 23rd with Trish Lewis in support of programming dollar$  for Q90.1FM. You Can Still Call 1-877-472-7677 or 1-877-4-PBS-NPR with a pledge in any amount or give via the secure website here:
Take Your Seats!

Bob Hausler pulled out the Chair with his cover of Lyle Lovett's "She's My Wife"
with his sweet wife Beth sitting to his right! Here's the link to the video on YouTube:
The 3am repeat will be the two week before last show was #317 with Jeff Yantz posted in the permanent archives below or link to the right.
Beth Hausler & Trish Lewis
in the "green room" prior airtime 4/23/12

“I Get A Kick Out Of Q” 90.1FM Pledge Drive Spring Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair

Contributor List As Of Monday April 23rd, 2012 at 3pm EST

1. diedra knox – Saginaw

2. Michael Judd - Birch Run

3. Anonymous – Port Austin

4. Jeff Yantz – Bay City (Mr. Happy himself!)

5. Fielding “Duke” Yost - Midland

6. Jon Potrykus - Essexville

7. Mr. & Mrs. Barry “2Dogs” Nelson - Saginaw

8. Dan McCarty - Midland

9. Gary Moore – Bay City

10. Rust Crawn - Cass City

11. Yvonne Lynch - *?

*She was the last caller Monday 4/16 who I missed somehow & I don’t know what city she’s from  but I will thank her twice on next Monday’s Thank You Eclectic Chair!

12. Mr. & Mrs. Hank Kaufman

13. Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Malecki – Midland (The coolest Dentist I know!)

14. John Gold – Novi

15. Deb Cocharan – Midland

16. Mr. Ron McNew – Otisville

17. Mr. Gregg Barber – Bay City

18. Mr. Noel Massie – Auburn Hills

19. Paula Holevac – Saginaw

20. Anonymous – Bay City

21. Linda Rector – Hope*
*Somehow fitting that we all missed the town Hope which we all learned is located
northeast of Midland, north of Sanford, west of Crump and south of Edenville.
Our geography lesson for the day. Thanks to Linda Rector & Beth Hausler!

22. Michael Noel – Saginaw (Some Gil Scott-Heron on soon!)

23. Bob Hausler – Saginaw

24. Mr. Rudolph Miculka – Swartz Creek


I would love to stream so my contributor list would include many of the folks who are my listeners online at my Blip.Fm Station:
We really meant it that folks could come down to have a brownie! I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Michael Noel who came by to contribute too but here's
Trish with Paula Holevac during the show 4/23/12
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Wucx Eclectic Chair Live In Studio C Performances Here:

Jen Cass

Jen Cass Intro To "Goodnight" Almost Live In Studio C On You Tube:
Jen Cass Performs "Goodnight"On You Tube:
Jen Cass Performs "Dear Mr. President" On YouTube: 
Bob Hausler & Jen Cass
(Jen Cass called in with the flu-
We all hope she feels better soon!) 
1-3pm Monday 23 April on Q90.1FM!

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Jazz On Wheels Pat Cronley (piano), Marcia Allen (vocals), Sabrina Lamar (Alto Sax) & Sherm Mitchell (trombone + flute) performed Live In Studio C on The Session 04-19-12 in support of Q90.1FM Station Pledge Drive.

Here are the links to some of their live performances on the WUCXEclecticChair YouTube Channel:

Jazz On Wheels “Fly Me To The Moon”:

Jazz On Wheels “Misty”:

Jazz On Wheels “Green Dolphin Street”:
Sherm Mitchell (Trombone), Pat Cronley (Piano) & Marcia Allen (Vocals)
Live in Studio C on the 2011 Spring Pledge Drive

For More Information About Jazz On Wheels:   

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