Monday, January 19, 2015

Eclectic Chair #17 Podcast & Playlist for 19 January 2015

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Now More Than Ever, Peaceful &
Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
The Eclectic Chair Podcast #17 with Trish Lewis
is pulled out by Deena with My Own Advice,
Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands
offers an ode to Our Time,
Mark “Pocket” Goldberg remains So Blue,
Greg Foresman swears Daggone Ya
from up yonder in Chautauqua*
(*Belated thanks to Dan F. Hill!)
Tas Cru says You Keep The Money
from A Month Full Of Somedays,
Jason Vivōne & The Billy Bats
are Mean in the best way,
David Egan knows That’s A Big Ol’ Hurt,
Low Society (Mandy Lemons Nikides
& Sturgis Nikides) offer No Money Down,
The Hangabouts wonders
why I Wonder Why,
Jonathan Byrd warns
You Can’t Outrun The Radio,
David Corley tells his Dog Tales,
Brad Hatfield claims That’s My Home,
Ron Davis escorts us into hour two doing
Sergei’s Shuffle from Symphronica,
Tom Waits listens to everybody
Talking At The Same Time,
Tas Cru says she’s his One Bad Habit,
Eden Miner isn't Broken,
Bobtown studies a Girl In Blue,
Blue Lunch knows there’s No Time 
Like The Present to wonder 
Where Do You Think It’s Going,
Doug E. Rees writes songs For Me,
Hurricane Ruth offers a ride
down her Whiskey Chute,
Bill Phillippe knows God Don't Never Change,
Johnny Cash loves his Personal Jesus,
James Armstrong has Guitar Angels
that Take It To The Limit,
Wylie and The Wild West pour a Big Whiskey
and return the Eclectic Chair back
upside down on the table with a Hutterite.
Take Your Seat.
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
This program is produced as a labor of love 
in the Positively Fourth Street Studio.

Thanks to Bob & Beth Hausler
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Eclectic Chair Podcast #17 
with Trish Lewis
1. Deena “My Own Advice” Rock River 2014 Deena Shoshkes Life Force Records
2. Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands “Our Time” That’s the All of It 2014 Big Forehead
3. Mark “Pocket” Goldberg “So Blue” Off The Wire 2013 Pocket Goldberg Music
4. Greg Foresman “Daggone Ya” Chautauqua 2013 Fallen Tree Records
5. Tas Cru “You Keep The Money” You Keep The Money 2014 Crustee Tees Records
6. Tas Cru “A Month Full Of Somedays” You Keep The Money 2014 Crustee Tees Records or or
7. Jason Vivōne & The Billy Bats “Mean” Eddie Ate Dynamite 2014 Self or  or or
8. David Egan “That’s A Big Ol’ Hurt” David Egan 2013 Rhonda Sue Records or
9. Low Society “No Money Down” You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down 2014 Icehouse Records or or or
10. The Hangabouts “I Wonder Why” Illustrated Bird 2014 Futureman Records or or or
11. Jonathan Byrd “You Can’t Outrun The Radio” You Can’t Outrun The Radio 2014 Waterbug or  
12. David Corley “Dog Tales” Available Light 2014 Self/ Joygernaut Music   or  or
14. Ron Davis “Sergei’s Shuffle” Symphronica 2013 Acrӧnym Records/UMC or or
Hour Two
15. Tom Waits “Talking At The Same Time” Bad As Me 2011 Anti Records or or or
16. Tas Cru “One Bad Habit” You Keep The Money 2014 Crustee Tees Records
17. Eden Miner “Broken” Eden Miner Ep 2014 Self or
19. Blue Lunch “No Time Like The Present” Above The Fold 2014 Rip Cat Records
20. Blue Lunch “Where Do You Think It’s Going” Above The Fold 2014 Rip Cat Records or or
21. Doug E. Rees “For Me” Nature Boy 2013 Smokin’ Sleddog Records
22. Hurricane Ruth “Whiskey Chute” Born On The River 2014 Ruth LaMaster
23. Bill Phillippe “God Don’t Never Change” Ghosts 2014 Arkansas Street Recording
24. Johnny Cash “Personal Jesus” American IV 2002 American Recordings or
25. James Armstrong “Guitar Angels (Radio Edit)” Guitar Angels 2014 Catfood Records or or
26. James Armstrong “Take It To The Limit” Guitar Angels 2014 Catfood Records or or
27. Wylie and The Wild West “Big Whiskey” Relic 2014 Hi-Line Records
28. Wylie and The Wild West “Hutterite” Relic 2014 Hi-Line Records
☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced each week as a labor of love
by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio and hosted by Beth and
Bob Hausler. Thank You for Listening. Thinking of moving The Eclectic Chair 
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