Monday, July 25, 2016

Eclectic Chair Summer Hiatus Heats Up!

The Eclectic Chair remains on summer hiatus until Labor day 
or thereabouts but there are plenty of archived shows 
to tune in and take your seat in the shade 
until Trish Lewis returns  here:
Here's the most recent show:
Check out Trish Lewis' short attention span reviews of Jeff Schrems' "You Know What They Say!" and 
Judy Banker's "Devils Never Cry" in the current issue #830 
of Review Magazine free on newsstands now 
in Mid-Michigan or online here: 
Have a great summer everybody. 
Up here in Michigan we know for a fact that even 
with global warming, summer is the shortest season!
Here's a little six minute podcast of political humor 
by Miss Fortune herself, Anita Senkowski 
and her trusty sidekick, Trish Lewis:
There will be a new Political Viagra #2 
posted here by next weekend.
Stay cool in the summer heat, political or otherwise!