Monday, November 24, 2014

Eclectic Chair #9 Podcast Thanksgiving Week of 24 Nov 2014


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The Eclectic Chair Podcast #9 with Trish Lewis
is pulled out by Philip Cogley
who is The Saturday Giant
no matter When Death Comes,
The Halley DeVestern Band knows The Jesus I Know
is Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!
Jen Cass salutes her Cannonball Girl,
Bob Wall loves his Ginger Snap,
Dan Vaillancourt sees best
When the Lights Come On,
Paul Sachs offers his Gratitude because
Survival is the New Success,
Andrew Bird & Nora O’Connor cover Robbie Fulks’
I'll Trade You Money For Wine and
Chuck Prophet digs in Andre Williams’ Dirt
While No One Was Looking:
Toasting Twenty Years Of Bloodshot Records,
Howard and the White Boys warns Trouble
Follows You to Rosa’s Lounge,

Hurricane Ruth welcomes another Cold Day
In Hell Born On The River,
The Saturday Giant tries The Fix of Philip Cogley,
Jeff Yantz with Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon Duo
(Robin Devereaux-Nelson & James Nelson)
offer a glass of BoDeans Beaujolais,
The Legal Matters (Andy Reed, Keith Klingensmith
& Chris Richards) blast off to Outer Space,
Joe Sullivan Can’t Go Home as a Schlock Star,
Sauce Boss Bill Wharton cooks up
Peckerwood 100% Pure,
Red Tail Ring sweep us into Hour Two
with J In The Broom Straw,
Arlo Guthrie takes us on our
annual visit to Alice’s Restaurant,

Bob Hausler takes Family, Friends,
and The Good Life on a ride in a ’57 Ford,
Cash O'Riley & David Roof are
perpetually In The Jailhouse Now,
Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands
remain Homegrown and That’s the All of It,
Scott Baker and The Universal Expressions
(Eric Janetsky, Matthew Nyquist &Timothy Scott)
want Only You and Northern Hospitality,
Muzyka! (Johnny Hunt, Chuck Grant,
Hillary Huebler & Lee Anne Whitman)
go on a Permanent Vacation,
and offer a Welcome Home!

Andy Reed tells us Things Can Only Get Better
no matter his Oddities And Entities,
The Saturday Giant Philip Cogley
is No Mathematician When Death Comes,

Laurie Middlebrook & Steve Colarelli
bring More Than Gold,

Jeff Schrems knows what’s Better Than Wine is
because Ohh…Now I Get It,

Whitey Morgan & The 78’s confirm I Ain’t Drunk
and Red Tail Ring returns the 
Thanksgiving Eclectic Chair
back upside down on the table 
with Ladies’ Choice Waltz!
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
This program is produced as a labor of love in
the Positively Fourth Street Studio.
Thanks to Beth & Bob Hausler
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Thanksgiving Eclectic Chair 
Podcast #9 with Trish Lewis
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Happy Thanksgiving
Hour Two
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☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced 
each week as a labor of love by Trish Lewis 
in the Positively Fourth Street Studio and 
hosted by Beth and Bob Hausler. Have 
a Happy Thanksgiving All and Thank You 
for Listening. Peace. ♫