Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thank You To All The Contributor's On The WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair (so far!)

Ron McNew said he thought Todd Hall had a great radio voice on yesterday's broadcast of the WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair and the band Burning Starr's song Evil Never Sleeps needs to be the next James Bond theme. Thank You to all the WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair Supporter's that contributed to yesterday's show. The Chair is being stuffed full of love for another six months! We'll be back next Monday from 1-3pm est with the Chair's returning guest musician Terri Stangl of the band Duality. Save that number: 1-877-472-7677 or on the secure website www.deltabroadcasting.org or just find my site: www.radiochair.com PEACE