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Never Aired Dusty Eclectic Chair #1 (2Hold Us Over)

Thanks to Beth and Bob Hausler
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Never Aired Dusty #1 The Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis
is pulled out by Dr. John featuring Eddie Bo
& Dave Bartholomew and The Monkey,
Ani DiFranco brings her Present/Infant in a Red Letter Year,
Mark Knopfler has to Punish The Monkey,
Fiona Apple sees a Better Version Of Me,
Paul Reddick warns It’s Later Than You Think,
Regina Spektor is still On The Radio,
Leonard Cohen climbs a Tower Of Song,
Ry Cooder is Smack Dab In The Middle,
Ry Cooder with Terry Evans & Bobby King
Walks through Sundown Town,
Todd A. Firewater knows This Is My Life,
Randy Newman plates us a Piece Of The Pie,
Dr. John tells of the other Monkey and Baboon,
Samuel James gives a Sleepy Girl Blues,
  Taking us into hour two Bipolar says I Told You So,
N.A.S.A. featuring Tom Waits
and Kool Keith thinks Spacious Thoughts,
Cassandra Wilson does Dust My Broom,
Neko Case and sharks know People Got A Lotta Nerve,
Loudon Wainwright III is The Man Who Couldn't Cry,
John Prine shelters from the Great Rain,
Jah Cure pleads to a guilty Mr. Jailer,
Regina Spektor tunes in Fidelity to Begin To Hope,
Talking Heads will always travel a Road To Nowhere,
Frank Zappa warns I'm The Slime,
Funkadesi invites Galsun from Yo Baba,
The Duhks stir that Ol’ Cook Pot,
Buckwheat Zydeco orders Lay Your Burden Down
and Bipolar return the Eclectic Chair upside down
on the table with Killer Beau (Soir) because Euphrates, Me Jane!
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Thanks to Bob & Beth Hausler
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Never Aired Dusty Eclectic Chair #1 with Trish Lewis
Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” 
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Hour Two

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“I am gross and perverted/I'm obsessed 'n deranged/
I have existed for years/But very little had changed/
I am the tool of the Government/And industry too/
For I am destined to rule/And regulate you” 
-Lyrics from the song “I'm The Slime” by Frank Zappa.
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