Saturday, October 23, 2010

WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair Fall Pledge Thank You Show Airs Monday 10/25/10 1-3pm on Q90.1

 Welcome to one of the Eclectic Chair's cyberspace homes, be they ever so humble~ WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair that airs Monday 10/25/10 from 1-3p.m will feature the self titled CD of  Whitey Morgan and The 78's from Flint, Michigan,

Carrie Treder's band Traeder from Mt. Morris, Michigan "No Evil From Me" ,

Charles "Big Daddy' Stallings "Blues Party" ,

Stanley Turrentine's ten minutes of "Sugar" from CTI 40th Anniversary The Cool Revolution

And last but not least some live tunes from last week "Cornpone (In Flux)" band members Jon Potrykus on guitar & fiddle and Jeff Schrems on his doghouse bass or !

PLAY LIST WILL BE POSTED SUNDAY NIGHT 10/24/10 after editing is completed by too pooped to party me.   Be sure to take your seats! The show that repeats this Monday from 3-5a.m. is E-Chair #246 for the nighthawks and insomniacs.  The current and  last week's play lists are posted below and all available play lists are archived right here:

WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair Contributor Wall of Fame from Fall 2010
1.  Frank Devila – Freeland
2. Arthur O’Neal – Saginaw
3. Anonymous – Bay City
4. Mr. & Mrs. Ed Sowulewski – Saginaw
5. Daryl Rapson – Pigeon
6. Mr. Nick Lugowski – Kingston - “Doing his part.”
7. Clyde Leitermann – Cass City - Requested Firewater’s “3 Legged Dog”
8. Nannette Hardy – Bay City
9. Merri L. Desanto – Bay City
10. Thomas C. Noetzel Jr. – Fort Gratiot
11. Gwendolyn Hoff – Bay City
12. Anonymous – Fenton – “Too old to admit being a listener to the Eclectic Chair!”
13. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Desanto – Essexville
14. Jon Potrykus – Bay City
15. Beth Koweta - Essexville
16. Will Brewster – Bay City
17. Paula M. Holevac – Saginaw   Wants more women in music to take their seat on the Chair!
18. Steven Parkhurst – Midland “I’m considered old but really like your show.”   Me too, thanks!
19. Ron McNew – Otisville As always, thanks for your technical, spiritual & lack of menu advise!
20. Leslie Myles Sanders - Tawas
21. Mary Ann Shea – Saginaw
My heartfelt thanks to all of the above for stuffing the Eclectic Chair full of love & support for another six months of pledge free music! Huge thanks to John Studniarz, Jon Potrykus & Jeff Schrems for co-hosting these last two weeks.  Without you cool dudes, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun. Also big thanks to all you folks who pledged on other programs but mentioned the Eclectic Chair as one of your favorites programs. I’ll do my best to keep all your support near to my ear and in my open heart every time I record a show. Peace, Trish Lewis

Jeff Schrems & Jon Potrykus of the band Cornpone (in flux!) took their seat on the WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair 10/18/10 1-3pm

John Studniarz guitarist of the Bay City band "Born" took his seat on the WUCX-FM Eclectic Chair 10/11/10 1-3pm