Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Eclectic Chair #122 #Podcast #Playlist 22 Feb 2018

The Eclectic Chair Podcast #122 with Trish Lewis is pulled out by 
BARK. (Tim Lee & Susan Bauer Lee) bring Lazarus in this Year of the Dog. 
F.O.R. Collective (Friends of Ron Rosco Selley) 
featuring Larry McCray come to The Crossing and featuring Paul Randolph 
turn Gradually Blue like so many Friends of Rosco A 2018 Reed Recording Company Premier. 
Peter Calo stays One Step Ahead of Crazy in his Time Machine. 
Aaron Nathan & Michael G. Ronstadt seek Peace & Safety while they Hang on For the Ride. 
Emily Mure gives Almost Everything Worth. 
Zoe Schwartz Blue Commotion is Free From You because This Is The Life I Choose. 
Leonard Griffie swears I’m Not Like That since it’s Better Late Than No Time Soon
Johnny Fink and The Intrusion is tired of being Damn Broke! 
Lightnin’ Willie heard the Phone Stopped Ringing on No Black No White Just Blues. 
Jim Allchin makes no Bad Decisions on Decisions. 
Dani Wilde Live At Brighton Road won’t beg us Don’t Quit Me Baby. 
Mr. Sipp opens his own Juke Joint ready to Knock A Hole In It! 
Alastair Greene gets us to dance his Rain Stomp on a Dream Train. 
Willa and Company meet up with Demons during Better Days. 
Hour Two of The Eclectic Chair #122 is pulled out by 
Last Charge of the Light Horse Where Winter Ends as we Race To The Sound. 
Gus Spenos promises It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee and not just for his Lil’ Dog from It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee. 
The Farm Hands know Anywhere Is Home of Colors, 
Wilson Banjo Co. climb Shiner’s Mountain seeking Spirits In The Hills, 
Remington Ryde consoles a Crazy Heart with A Storyteller’s Memory 
and Brad Hudson loves Hugging The Hound 
from his Next New Heartbreak all from Pinecastle Records. 
Tom Beaulieu knows Martha’s Vineyard Dishwasher’s Blues walking his Rogue Corgi
Jeff Schrems with cornpone’s Jon Potrykus, James Nelson, Dan Wall & Lindsey Lou Williams knows the Monster In Me because You Know What They Say! 
AKA The Theme from Tonia L. Carrier’s movie Bailiwick
Ghost Town Blues Band sees the Tip of My Hat for their Backstage Pass. 
Jeff Yantz and The Barnhands spend way too much time In Tall Buildings with a Face For Radio. 
John McNamara lives through One Impossible Night by Rollin’ With It. 
The Stephen Stanley Band survive 40 Endings featuring David Corley from Jimmy & The Moon. 
Val Starr and Blues Rocket warn You Better Stop because I Always Turn The Blues On. 
Joe Sullivan knows You Can’t Go Home even if you’re a Schlock Star. 
An American Underdog himself Andy Reed The Show Goes On 
for all of we who enjoy Oddities and Entities and 
Bob Hausler puts The Eclectic Chair #122 back upside down on the table 
because we Ain’t Hit Bottom (with) Family, Friends, and the Good Life. 
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The Eclectic Chair Podcast Playlist 122

1. Bark (Tim Lee & Susan Bauer Lee) “Lazarus” Year of the Dog 2017 Striped Light Records or or or
2.F.O.R. Collective (Friends of Rosco) featuring Larry McCray “The Crossing” Friends of Rosco 2018 Reed Recording Company or or
3. F.O.R. Collective (Friends of Rosco) featuring Paul RandolphGradually BlueFriends of Rosco 2018 Reed Recording Company or or
4.Peter Calo “One Step Ahead of Crazy” Time Machine 2016 En Route Recording or
5.Aaron Nathan & Michael G. Ronstadt “Peace & Safety” Hang On For the Ride 2017 Self or
6.Emily Mure “Almost Everything” Worth 2017 or
7.Zoe Schwartz Blue Commotion “Free From You” This Is The Life I Choose 2017 33 Records or or
8.Leonard Griffie “I’m Not Like That” Better Late Than No Time Soon 2017 Pangoboy Production or
9.Johnny Fink and The Intrusion “Damn Broke” Johnny Fink and The Intrusion 2017 Self or
10. Lightnin’ Willie “Phone Stopped Ringing” No Black No White Just Blues 2017 Little Dog Records or or
11. Jim Allchin “Bad Decisions” Decisions 2017 Sandy Key Music or or
12.Dani Wilde “Don’t Quit Me Baby” Dani Wilde Live At Brighton Road 2017 or
13. Mr. Sipp “Juke Joint” Knock A Hole In It 2017 Malaco Music or or
14. Alastair Greene “Rain Stomp” Dream Train 2017 Rip Cat Records or or
15. Willa and Company “Demons” Better Days 2017 Building Records or
Hour Two
16. Last Charge of the Light Horse “Where Winter Ends” Race To The Sound 2018 Self or
17. Gus Spenos “It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee” It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee 2018 Self or
18.Gus Spenos “Lil’ Dog” It’s Lovin’ I Guarantee 2018 Self
19. The Farm Hands “Anywhere Is Home” Colors 2017 Pinecastle Records or or
20. Wilson Banjo Co. “Shiner’s Mountain” Spirits In The Hills 2017 Pinecastle Records or or or
21. Remington Ryde “Crazy Heart” A Storyteller’s Memory 2017 Pinecastle Records or or
22. Brad Hudson “Hugging The Hound” Next New Heartbreak 2017 Pinecastle Records or or
23. Tom Beaulieu “Martha’s Vineyard Dishwasher’s Blues” Rogue Corgi 2018 Self or or or
24. Jeff Schrems “Monster In Me” You Know What They Say! AKA Theme from Bailiwick 2016 Self or or
25. Ghost Town Blues Band “Tip of My Hat” Backstage Pass 2018 Self or or
26. Jeff Yantz “In Tall Buildings” Face For Radio 2016 Self or or
27. John McNamara “One Impossible Night” Rollin’ With It 2017 Bahool Records or or
28. The Stephen Stanley Band “40 Endings” featuring David Corley Jimmy & The Moon 2017 Wolfe Island Records or
29. Val Starr and Blues Rocket “You Better Stop” I Always Turn The Blues On 2017 Valerie Starr Ellis Music or or
30. Joe Sullivan “You Can’t Go Home” Schlock Star 2014 Reed Recording Co./Futureman Records or
31. An American Underdog Andy Reed “The Show Goes On” Oddities and Entities 2014 Reed Recording Co. or
32. Bob Hausler “Ain’t Hit Bottom” Family, Friends, and the Good Life 2014 BH+ Production or or or
☮☞The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced and hosted 
as a labor of love by Trish Lewis in the Positively 
Fourth Street Studio. Thank You for Listening. Peace.♫☮