Friday, August 22, 2014

Take Your Seats on the Last Pair of Eclectic Chairs 432A&B to air on Q90.1FM Monday 8/25 + Tuesday 8/26 1-2pm

 The Eclectic Chair 432A+B with Trish Lewis will be the Last
to air locally on Monday 8/25 +Tuesday 8/26, 2014 from 1-2pm
on Q90.1Fm Delta College Public Radio WUCX!
432A is pulled out by
Steve Martin + Steep Canyon Rangers warn of a Rare Bird Alert,
Maddy Day revels in Your Intoxication with Dan Vaillancourt,
Jeff Schrems picks us one last Pretty Little Posey,
Muzyka! (Johnny Hunt, Chuck Grant & Lee Anne Whitman)
Stomps in Red Clay Almost Live In Studio C,
Don Rosler’s Recording Booth brings
Terry Radigan who does Give It A Whirl
and Jeremy Sisto and The Valentines trying
to make a Halfway Honest Living,
Carrie Treder has peace
At The End Of The Day Live In Studio C,
Bob Hausler wonders Where They Go of
Family, Friends, and The Good Life,
Carolyn Currie plays Red Light Green Light from Echolocation,
Siusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler bid us
Till We Meet Again Almost Live In Studio C,
Boris McCutcheon and The Salt Licks warn
On The Beltway we Might Crash!
Kyle Spear does Walk Beside Me along with Kevin Spear
+ The No Name String Band who dons that
Long Black Veil Almost Live In Studio C,
Laurie Middlebrook wishes us Good Luck
Live At the Delta College,
American Underdog Andy Reed knows I'll Miss You Girl
Now that he’s Always On The Run,
Elvin Bishop Can’t Even Do Wrong Right,
John Prine brings Sour Grapes 
because The Singing Mailman Delivers,
The Snyders + Southside Denny Snyder returns
the Eclectic Chair upside down
on the table by serving Chili Jeff
to soothe our Growing Pains!
The final hour is 432B airs on Tuesday at 1pm on Q90.1FM
is pulled out by Lyle Lovett and His Large Band 
who Tickle Toe because they know It’s Not Big It’s Large,
Jeff Yantz warns They'll Stone You 
Recorded Almost Live In Studio Q,
Jeff Schrems’ fitting Game Over…Forever
Theme song for the upcoming movie
Selling Stupid by Tonia L. Carrier,
Cash O'Riley knows it’s The Last Time
Fueled on Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache,
Matthew Grimm lists Woody Guthrie’s 33rd Resolution
from Songs In The Key Of Your Face,
Joe Sullivan tunes in Conspiracy Radio from Shlockstar,
 Cary Ewing remains Uncertainty, Certainly
opening his Box Of Pandora,
 Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions
(Eric Janetsky, Matthew Nyquist +Timothy Scott)
love Only You with Northern Hospitality,
Judy Banker is Crazy For You with or Without You,
Lighthouse (Mats + Linda Brandemar) know
this may be As Good As It Gets,
Rick Randlett still wants to Make Me Laugh with Nothing To Do,
Bob Wright and Bill Doerge order
Jimmy Take The Liquor Out for a Hamburger Sandwich,
Circe Link knows all about the Gossip Queen with Dumb Luck,
Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon
(Robin Devereaux-Nelson, James Nelson,
Jon Potrykus, Terri Stangl + Darryl McCloy)
will always wonder Why or why not Live In Studio C,
Jeff Yantz is Mr. Happy and reminds us to Dance In The Rain and
Maya Beiser returns this final Q90.1FM Eclectic Chair Uncovered
upside down on the table with King Crimson’s Epitaph.
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
The Eclectic Chair may be resurrected one fine day,
Until then, check out my cd reviews in The Review Magazine
and this blog and...
and any other mindless social media site!
Songwriters In The Round Podcast is back 
Eclectic Chair 432 A+B with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm
1. Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers “Rare Bird Alert” 
Rare Bird Alert 2011 Rounder Records 
2. Maddy Day “Your Intoxication” 2014 Upcoming Self-Released or
3. Jeff Schrems “Pretty Little Posey” Ohh…Now I Get It 2012 Self or
4. Muzyka! “Red Clay” Muzyka! Almost Live In Studio C 2013 Radio Chair Production
6.  Terry Radigan “Give It A Whirl” Rosler’s Recording Booth 2011 Fingers Crossed or or
7. Jeremy Sisto and The Valentines “Halfway Honest Living” Rosler’s Recording Booth 2011 Fingers Crossed   or!/JeremySisto 
8. Carrie Treder “At The End Of The Day” Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair
10-22-2012 A Radio Chair Production!/TraederBand or
9. Bob Hausler “Where’d They Go” Family, Friends, and The Good Life 2014 BH Productions
10. Carolyn Currie “Red Light Green Light” Echolocation 2014 North C Records
11. Siusan O'Rourke & Zig Zeitler “Till We Meet Again” Almost Live In Studio C 
2014 Radio Chair Production or 
12. Boris McCutcheon and The Salt Licks “On The Beltway” Might Crash! 
13. Kyle Spear “Walk Beside Me” Almost Live In Studio C Palm Sunday 2013 Radio Chair 
Production or 
14. Kevin Spear & The No Name String Band “Long Black Veil” Almost Live In Studio C Palm
Sunday 2013 Radio Chair Production
15. Laurie Middlebrook Band “Good Luck” Live At the Delta College 
16. American Underdog Andy Reed “I’ll Miss You Girl” Always On The Run 2011 Pop Factory/
17. Elvin Bishop “Can’t Even Do Wrong Right” Can’t Even Do Wrong Right 
18. John Prine “Sour Grapes” The Singing Mailman Delivers 2011 Oh Boy Records
19. The Snyders “Chili Jeff” Growing Pains 2014 Salon De Musique
20. Lyle Lovett and His Large Band “Tickle Toe” It’s Not Big It’s Large 2007 Curb/Lost Highway
21. Jeff Yantz “They’ll Stone You” Recorded Almost Live In Studio Q 
8/17/2014 A Trish Lewis Radio Chair Production 

22. Jeff Schrems “Game Over…Forever” Theme song for the upcoming crowd-funded movie
“Selling Stupid” by Tonia L. Carrier. or
23. Cash O’Riley “The Last Time” Booze, Lust, Lies & Heartache Revisited 2002/2013 
An American Wax Original or

24. Matthew Grimm “Woody Guthrie’s 33rd Resolution” Songs In The Key Of Your Face 
25. Joe Sullivan “Conspiracy Radio” Shlockstar 2014 Self 
26. Cary Ewing “Uncertainty, Certainly” Box Of Pandora 2007
27. Scott Baker and the Universal Expressions “Only You” Northern Hospitality Vol. 1 And Other
or!/scottbakermusic or
28. Judy Banker “Crazy For You” Without You 2014 Self or
29. Lighthouse (Linda + Mats Brandemar) “As Good As It Gets” Lighthouse 2014 Moody Maraccas
30. Rick Randlett “Make Me Laugh” Nothing To Do 2013 Fox Run Studio Records
31. Bob Wright and Bill Doerge “Jimmy Take The Liquor Out” Hamburger Sandwich 2013 Self
32. Circe Link “Gossip Queen” (edited for content) Dumb Luck 2013 Blackwings Multimedia or or
33. Madame Devz Gypsy Wagon “Why” Live In Studio C on the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 
34. Jeff Yantz “Mr. Happy” Dance In The Rain 2011 Big Forehead Music Publishing LLC
35. Maya Beiser “Epitaph” (King Crimson) Uncovered 2014 Innova Recording 
The Eclectic Chair was broadcast from the studios of Wucx-Fm 
Delta College Quality Public Radio.  “C’mon everybody come 
and listen to the radio/We'll start a revolution when we listen to
the radio/My friends say I'm crazy but they've never heard/The 
power contained when I'm hanging on every word” – Lyrics from
the song “Conspiracy Radio” by Joe Sullivan.

An Open Letter from Trish Lewis: Farewell to the Eclectic Chair
New Policy at Delta Broadcasting Necessitates Resignation & Raises Serious Questions 
About the Future of Public Broadcasting
 From The Review Magazine Issue 795 (Published August 21st, 2014 
Written By Trish Lewis

Note from the Editor:
It is with deep regret that I received the following submission from Delta Public Radio’s Trish Lewis about new contractual requests presented to her by Delta College that precipitated her resignation at the station, and hence the demise of her weekly radio show, The Eclectic Chair, which for nearly 10 years has filled an important broadcasting void by connecting local & regional musical artists with an outlet to have their music heard.
As a public and a tax supported entity, we should be deeply concerned with this latest maneuver that raises serious questions about proprietary & creative rights, along with fostering both independence and access to public airwaves that are fundamental to fostering the freedom that publicly funded entities are bound to deliver.

To Fans of the Eclectic Chair:
It was heartbreaking trying to stuff too many hours of music into two last 53:30 minute broadcast hours of the finale of The Eclectic Chair to air on Delta College Quality Public Radio Station WUCX 90.1FM. I missed airing so many songs both old and new that I promised myself I would include. Time is the one thing we can't produce more of.
The whole day of production was bittersweet. The afternoon was brightened considerably by my pal Mr. Happy himself, Jeff Yantz who crashed the pity party with a great cover of Bob Dylan’s “Rainy Day Woman No. 12 & 35” that I simply named “They’ll Stone You” directed at my departure from the local airwaves - a fitting big finale of my own recordings “Almost Live In Studio Q” (formerly known as C) at Delta Broadcasting. 
As much as I had hoped to make it through to my tenth anniversary producing The Eclectic Chair on the Q airwaves on December 29th, 2014, I am not sad to hear my voice disappearing just as those who shall remain nameless departed before me. I have never enjoyed hearing my voice on air. It has always been my aim to stuff as much music into the show with as little small talk possible. The music was supposed to speak for me.
Although I will be forever grateful to Delta College for the opportunity I was given and thank the organization at the end of the final broadcast, I am not happy the broadcasting department tried to force me to sign a new policy contract aimed at me.
They wanted to take credit by renaming the production “Studio Q Presents The Eclectic Chair with Trish Lewis” and have final edit on my website, playlist, Facebook and even Twitter! I was told when double-teamed on July 29th, 2014 (with a third witness at a desk in the same office) “We never asked you to do that work.” regarding my promotion and work for the show.
I asked for some time to think about it, but did warn them at that time I believed this would be the death of the show. I even offered to return to being an unpaid volunteer as I was for nearly five years of my tenure there as long as I could remain an independent producer. The immediate answer was negative to that possibility.
The work I did was my way of paying for and receiving music for my show. It was a long time understanding at the station that community radio producers could receive music from the public, friends, and musicians both local and national for air on their shows. Their new policy contract states it would be ok for producers to buy their own music for air and keep their purchases, but when they receive any music at their home or in my case, my show’s P.O. Box it would become property of Delta College.
They didn’t ask me or pay me to do the work I’ve done, but they certainly wanted to reap the rewards of said work. I was told to only use the Delta Broadcasting website and email on air. I’ve complied with that since this meeting.
I have spent literally countless hours on post production of The Eclectic Chair because it was my pride and joy. I published an extensive playlist every week including links and photos to all the music that aired on each show. I shared on Facebook, Twitter and many other mindless social media sites to simply promote the show and the musicians who are the heart of any good music radio program.
I would no longer be allowed to thank anybody without expressed permission from the production coordinator or program manager. They even wanted to take the technical control of the show away from producers during the live pledge drives. The final line of the contract said it all: “All programs are property of Delta College.”
It seems they believed that as an extreme part-time employee, my being paid per diem $30 per broadcast hour of The Eclectic Chair contract was payment enough to ask for more work for free. They seemed surprised when I refused to immediately sign the onerous and over-reaching policy contract. Or perhaps that was their plan all along to eliminate me from the station? Either way, I believe they are the biggest losers in this lack of negotiation and the public listeners to their station in flux get to suffer. Although it’s not my fault, I’m sorry for that.
None of my desktop self-publishing or social media activities has ever been used for personal gain. The only times I've solicited funds on these sites was only to raise money for Delta College’s Q90.1FM Pledge Drives every six months when I would include their links and toll-free number. Along with not missing hearing my voice on the local airwaves, I will not miss live shows groveling for public radio dollars for a station that has a history of discounting and throwing away with two hands community volunteers. This is Public Radio?
So, after about a thousand hours of radio production both volunteer and compensated at Delta College Quality Public Radio, my last production of The Eclectic Chair airs Monday & Tuesday 8/25 & 8/26 1-2pm on Q90.1FM.
As to the future; a friend with a studio offered to host my podcast. I may do that. Or I may start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a small home set up. Or I may simply fade into radio history and write music reviews to keep my ears in. I will keep you posted. The Eclectic Chair is mine and so is my PO Box, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. I won't give up creative and final edit control to anything less than a national compensated contract. I believe the show is worth far more exposure than the small community college has a stomach for.
I now offer the last word and only real call to action as on most of my Eclectic Chair productions: Peace.
Trish Lewis, ‘The Eclectic Chair’
MUSIC FROM THE MARSH Saturdays through August
at the Bay City State Recreation Area Saginaw Bay Visitor
Center (989) 667-0717 or visit:
Saturday, August 23, 7PM, Jamie-Sue Seal, 
“Motown...Hits and History from Hitsville USA”
Jamie-Sue most often performs as one half of the duo 
“Bottle Rocket Cabaret” with John Latini, 
but this evening she will step out of her own to
share some her favorite Motown hits!
Saturday, August 30, 7PM, Jay Stielstra & Judy Banker, 
“Manistee Waltzes and Tittabawassee Tunes”
Jay Stielstra, “Michigan’s Folk Treasure” writes and sings some 
of the most beautiful songs, 
like Manistee Waltz and Tittabawassee Jane. 
You're bound to hear other songs with Michigan landmarks mentioned 
in his program. He will be performing with the equally wonderful Judy Banker.
All concerts will be performed on an outdoor stage adjacent to the Visitor Center 
parking area.  Please bring your own lawn chairs. 
In the case of inclement weather concerts will take place 
inside the Saginaw Bay Visitor Center. Performances
are sponsored by the Friends of Bay City State Recreation Area, 
the Michigan Council for the Arts & Cultural Affairs, and the Saginaw Arts & 
Enrichment Commission. 
Donations will be taken the evening of each performance.
There is no cost for this event; however, a $11 Recreation Passport is required 
for all vehicles entering the park. 
For more information on this program call or stop by the 
Saginaw Bay Visitor Center, (989) 667-0717 or