Friday, July 12, 2013

Eclectic Chair 378 15 July 1-3pm on Q90.1FM

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This week’s show is Eclectic Chair 378 w/Trish Lewis airs
Monday July 15th, 2013 from 1-3pm on Wucx Q90.1Fm
Delta College Quality Public Radio is pulled out by Randy Newman
With A Few Word In Defense of Our Country with Harps and Angels,
Big Joe Shelton and The Black Prairie Blues Ambassadors
make promises like I’d Never Let Her Down,
we feature Claude ‘Butch’ Morgan & The Band-A-Holics, who must be Dry,
Honor Finnegan is an Internet Junkie despite The Tiny Life,
Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally’s Loose Talk is complicated in House & Garden,
Jen Cass isn’t really Forever Damned on her Accidental Pilgrimage,
Laurie Middlebrook is Already In Love,
Doug E. Rees is proud to be a Nature Boy,
Rich Mahan warns Rehab’s For Quitters,
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers shoot two birds
from Translucent Blues and Twisted Tales,
Delbert McClinton & Dick 50 walks on Cherry Street,
Don Ray Band describes The Ride and takes The High Road with Kickstands Up,
Charles “Big Daddy” Stallings doesn’t need a Million Dollars
because I Like It When They…Call Me Big Daddy,
Buckwheat Zydeco reminds us to Lay Your Burden Down,
Bea Bahr and “The Axxmann” Matt MacDermaid were Born With The Blues,
Marshall Lawrence is a Biscuit Rolling Daddy with Canned Heat on a House Call,
Claude ‘Butch’ Morgan & The Band-A-Holics play some Blubberball Dry
and wants to Talk About Mr. Blue
and the Sultans Of String Move the Eclectic Chair
back upside down on the table with Ernie’s Bounce.
Reserve your seat.
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Eclectic Chair 378 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm
Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 
1. Randy Newman “A Few Words in Defense of Our Country” [Edited for Content] Harps And Angels 2008 
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3. Big Joe Shelton and The Black Prairie Blues Ambassadors “Frog’s Hair” I’d Never Let Her Down 
4. Big Joe Shelton and The Black Prairie Blues Ambassadors “I’d Never Let Her Down” I’d Never Let Her Down 
5. Big Joe Shelton and The Black Prairie Blues Ambassadors “Laugh Out Loud” I’d Never Let Her Down 2013 Self or
6. Claude ‘Butch’ Morgan & The Band-A-Holics “I Don’t Remember Growing Up” Dry 2013 Self 
7. Claude ‘Butch’ Morgan & The Band-A-Holics “Cowboy and His Coffee” Dry 2013 Self or or
8. Honor Finnegan “The Tiny Life” The Tiny Life 2012 Self or 
9. Honor Finnegan “Internet Junkie” The Tiny Life 2012 Self or 
Watch on YouTube:
10. Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally “Loose Talk” House & Garden 2013 Self 
11. Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally “Complicated” House & Garden 2013 Self 
12. Jen Cass “Forever Damned” Accidental Pilgrimage 2006 Blind Justice Records or
13. Laurie Middlebrook “Already In Love” Live At The Delta College Lecture Theater November 2011 or
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29. Sultans Of String “Ernie’s Bounce” Move 2012 Toronto Arts & Ontario Arts Council / Factor Records 

The Eclectic Chair is broadcast from the studios of Wucx-Fm Delta College Quality Public Radio. 
“…Just a few words in defense of our country / Whose time at the top / Could be coming 
to an end / We don’t want your love / And respect at this point is pretty much out of the 
question / But times like these / We sure could use a friend” - Lyrics from the song 
“A Few Words in Defense of Our Country” by Randy Newman.