Saturday, October 3, 2009

Surprise, Surprise, Chris Smither's Back!


Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or  


1. Chris Smither “Time Stands Still” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or
2. Chris Smither “I Don’t Know” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

3. Chris Smither “Old Man Down” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

4. Chris Smither “Father’s Day” Leave The Light On 2006 Signature Sounds or

5. Chris Smither “I Told You So” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

6. Chris Smither “Surprise, Surprise” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

7.  Chris Smither “Seems So Real” Leave The Light On 2006 Signature Sounds or

8. Old Crow Medicine Show “Down Home Girl” Big Iron World 2006 Nettwerk Production or

9. Peter Mulvey “Kids In The Square” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or

10. The Duhks “Ol’ Crock Pot” Migrations 2006 Sugar Hill Records or

12. Peter Mulvey “Some People” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or

13. Fiona Apple “Extraordinary Machine” Extraordinary Machine 2005 Epic/Sony Music or  or

14. Peter Mulvey “Letter From A Flying Machine” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
15. Béla Fleck, Zakir Hussain, Edgar Meyer with The Detroit Symphony Orchestra “Out Of The Blue” The Melody Of Rhythm  Triple Concerto & Music For Trio 2009 Koch Records/ E1 Music or
Hour Two

16. Chris Smither “Don’t Call Me Stranger” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

17. Elvis Costello “Sulfer To Sugarcane” Secret, Profane & Sugarcane 2009 Concord or
18. Ry Cooder “Pink-O Boogie” I, Flathead – The Songs Of Kash Buk and The Clowns 2008 Nonesuch Records or

19. Firewater “Three Legged Dog” The Golden Hour 2008 Bloodshot Records or

20. Bob Dylan “My Wife’s Hometown” Together Through Life 2009 Sony  or

21. Infamous Stringdusters “Get It While You Can” Infamous Stringdusters 2008 Sugar Hill Records or
22. Peter Mulvey “…Plus The Many Inevitable Fragments” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or

23. Chris Smither “Calll Yourself” Time Stands Still 2009 Signature Sounds or

24. Peter Mulvey “Bears” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
25. Old Crow Medicine Show “I Hear Them All” Big Iron World 2006 Nettwerk Production or

26. Chris Smither “Origin Of Species” Leave The Light On 2006 Signature Sounds or

27. Peter Mulvey “Vlad The Astrophysicist” Letters From A Flying Machine 2009 Signature Sounds or
28. Paul Reddick “It’s Later Than You Think” Sugar Bird 2008 Northern Blues or
29.  Rick Estrin and the Nightcats “Cool Breeze” Twisted 2009 Alligator Records or or
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