Monday, October 3, 2016

Eclectic Chair #94 #Podcast & #Playlist 3 October 2016

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The Eclectic Chair Podcast #94
with Trish Lewis is pulled out
by Jake Shimabukuro’s Hemiola
and Man of Mud  with Nolan Verner
& Evan Hutchings Nashville Sessions
featured this podcast to offer
listeners a three cd giveaway!
Simply be one of the first three to
for your chance to win!
Late, great David Egan has no troubles now
like That’s A Big Ol’ Hurt!
Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tusconenses
offer a Prelude to A Highlife in honor
of the late, great Michael J. Ronstadt,
The Lucky Losers (Cathy Lemons
and Phil Berkowitz) perform In Any Town,
Mary Jo Curry knew a real Homewrecker,
Don Rauf’s Life In A Blender with
The Colony Collapse Horns
serve us with a Homewrecker Spoon,
Macy Gray warns She Ain’t Right
For You, even Stripped,
Eric Sommer isn’t Doin’ Wrong
on Brooklyn Bolero,
John Scofield tells of Just A Girl
I Used To Know from a Country For Old Men,
Jake Shimabukuro visits Motown
during Nashville Sessions,
Willie May knows I’m A Tragedy
on lucky Thirteen,
Joanna Connor hopes Its A Woman’s Way
with Six String Stories,
Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers
need a Junkman to Heal My Soul,
Jake Shimabukuro’s Galloping Seahorses
escort us into Hour Two from Nashville Sessions,
Bob Wall is still Here In Sag & Awe,
no matter the Anachronism of it,
The Legal Matters (Andy Reed, Keith Klingensmith
& Chris Richards) Don’t Look Back with Conrad,
Erika Kulnys is Burning the Furniture to Rise Up,
Peter Eldridge knows I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
on a Disappearing Day,
The Good Intentions see Hard Times
Have Come Again with Rest Home Cowboy
riding The Long Unbroken Line,
Greg Greenway Can’t Get Out Of My Own Way
during 20,000 Versions Of The Sun,
Mick Kolassa is With Friends Like Me
who have Taylor Made Blues,
Dave Keller is Right Back Atcha,
Allen & Lamun Band (Dave Allen
& Little Laura Lamun) know
Maybe It’s A Good Thing,
Jay Ward’s Dogbrain is Stronger
with his Blue Dog,
Terrie Odabi laments Gentrification Blues
and My Blue Soul,
Jefferson Ross watches People Posting Pictures
at 3am on Isle Of Hope and Jake Shimabukuro returns
The Eclectic Chair back upside down on the table
with his Blue Haiku from Nashville Sessions.
Big thank yous to Jake Shimabukuro,
Max & Amanda of Crossover Media for the
Cd giveaways for the podcast!
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This program is produced by Trish Lewis
as a labor of love in the
Positively Fourth Street Studio.
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The Eclectic Chair 94 Playlist
3. David Egan “That’s A Big Ol’ Hurt” David Egan 2013 Rhonda Sue Records or
4. Ronstadt Generations “Prelude to a High Life” Ronstadt Generations Y Los Tusconenses: Prelude 2012 Ronstadt Generations Record Co. or or
5. The Lucky Losers (Cathy Lemons and Phil Berkowitz) “In Any Town” In Any Town 2016 Dirty Cat Records or or  or or
7. Life In A Blender with The Colony Collapse Horns “Homewrecker Spoon” Homewrecker Spoon 2011 Fang Records or or or or
8. Macy Gray “She Ain’t Right For You” Stripped 2016 Chesky Records or or
9. Eric Sommer “Doin’ Wrong” Brooklyn Bolero 2016 Clyde Is Thinking Music or or
10. John Scofield “Just A Girl I Used To Know” Country For Old Men 2016 Impulse! Records or or
12. Willie May “I’m A Tragedy” Thirteen 2016 Booman Music or
13. Joanna Connor “Its A Woman’s Way” Six String Stories 2016 MC Records or or or
14. Lex Grey and The Urban Pioneers “Junkman” Heal My Soul 2016 Pioneer Production or
Hour Two
15. Jake Shimabukuro “Galloping Seahorses” Nashville Sessions 2016 Self or or
16. Bob Wall “Here In Sag & Awe” Anachronism 2014 Self or or
19. Peter Eldridge “I Wish I Had An Evil Twin” Disappearing Day 2016 Sunny Side Communications or or or
20. The Good Intentions “Hard Times Have Come Again” The Long Unbroken Line 2016 Tres Pescadores Records or or or
21. The Good Intentions “Rest Home Cowboy” The Long Unbroken Line 2016 Tres Pescadores Records or or
22. Greg Greenway “Can’t Get Out Of My Own Way” 20,000 Versions Of The Sun 2016 Sheen Of Heat Music or or
23. Mick Kolassa “With Friends Like Me” Taylor Made Blues 2016 Swing Suit Records or
24. Dave Keller “Right Back Atcha” Right Back Atcha 2016 Tastee Tone Records or
25. Allen & Lamun Band (Dave Allen & Little Laura Lamun) “Maybe It’s A Good Thing” Maybe It’s A Good Thing 2015 Mad Left Music or or
28. Jefferson Ross “People Posting Pictures” Isle Of Hope 2013 Deep Fried Discs or or or
☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced and hosted each week 
as a labor of love by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio. 
Thank You for Listening. Peace. ♫