Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hello Fellow Readers: What do you think of my haiku?


Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records or

1. Bonepony “Something Good” Feeling It 2006 Super Duper Recording or
2. Bonepony “She’s My Religion” Feeling It 2006 Super Duper Recording or
3. Bonepony “Love Ain’t Predictable” Feeling It 2006 Super Duper Recording or
4. Bonepony “Something Good” Feeling It 2006 Super Duper Recording or
5. Mark Knopfler “Cleaning My Gun” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
6. Mark Knopfler “Before Gas And TV” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
7. Kenny Wright “Left Of Me” Family Album 2008 Super Duper Recodings
8. Mark Knopfler “The Car Was The One” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
9. Mark Knopfler “Get Lucky” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
10. Frank Turner “Poetry Of The Deed” Poetry Of The Deed 2009 UMC Epitaph Records or or
11. Mark Knopfler “You Can’t Beat The House” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
12. David Bazan “Bless This Mess” Curse Your Branches 2009 Undertow Records or 

13. Mark Knopfler “So Far From The Clyde” Get Lucky 2009 Warner Reprise or
14. Pink Martini “Ohayoo Ohio (Hello Ohio)” Splendor In The Grass 2009 Heinz Records
Hour Two

15. Lee Harvey Osmond “Angels In The Wilderness” A Quiet Evil 2009 Latent Records or
16. Pink Martini “Sunday Table” Splendor In The Grass 2009 Heinz Records or
17. Pink Martini “Bitty Boppy Betty” Splendor In The Grass 2009 Heinz Records or
18. Bonepony “Whisper” Jubilee 2003 Super Duper Recording or
19. Tinsley Ellis “Speak No Evil” Speak No Evil 2009 Alligator Records or
20. Bonepony “Twenty More People” Jubilee 2003 Super Duper Recording or
21. Bobby Rush “Chinkapin Huntin’” Blind Snake 2009 Deep Rush Records or
22. Bobby Rush “Blind Snake” Blind Snake 2009 Deep Rush Records or
23. Tom Waits “Temptation” Beautiful Maladies – The Island Years 1998 Island Records
24. Duality “Angel Wind” …On Reflection 2007
25. Variety Lab Featuring Donovan “Is This The Last Time?” Team Up! 2009 Peer Music or
26. Brett Mitchell “O.C.D.” Small House 2007
27. Justin Townes Earl “They Killed John Henry” Midnight At The Movies 2009 Bloodshot Records or
28. Bonepony “Small World” Jubilee 2003 Super Duper Recording or
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