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Eclectic Chair 72 Valentine 3 Hr Special #Podcast & #Playlist

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The Eclectic Chair Podcast #72
with Trish Lewis is pulled out by a
Valentine from Eden Brent’s Jigsaw Heart,
Jeff Yantz & The Barnhands
have the Girl U Want, not just any old
White Trash Sheba with a Face for Radio!
Traeder (Carrie Treder & David Benway Cline)
bring No Evil From Me,
Chris Smither mails his
Hundred Dollar Valentine,
Bob Wall painted Blue Skies
for our early listen Valentine,
Eric Johnson says to his wife
I Would Not Survive because
It Can’t Get Any Better,
Bob Wright offers A Penny
for A Pound of Pain on Wright Street,
George Taylor wants to
Feel Me Breathe in Trouble Town,
Joe Sullivan offers a Valentine yearly
to his sweet wife Tracy Stantz-Sullivan,
Robert Hill loves Angelina,
David Bowie spends his first posthumous
Valentine’s Day from The Next Day,
James Kahn promises Baby I Will Be
Your Rock on the Waterline,
Dick LeMasters is struck by Lightning
From A Clear Blue Sky from
One Bird, Two Stones and
55 Rose Street escorts us with a Thunderbolt
into the joyful Misery of Hour Two,
Lawrence Lebo offers A Promise That I Can Keep 
from The Best Of Don’t Call Her Larry 
Remix Vol. 3: American Roots,
Matt Steady hears Zikara’s Lament
 Shared for Valentine’s Day,
The Steeldrivers tell Mike Henderson’s tale
If It Hadn’t Been For Love,
The Hangabouts Love Nothing
but an Illustrated Bird,
Smiling Jack Smith is Blinded by love,
Robin Devereaux-Nelson (w/Gypsy Wagoneers
James Nelson & Jeff Yantz in the
White Trash Studio) call That’s It!
John Prine with Fiona Prine
Til A Tear Becomes A Rose
 In Spite Of Ourselves,
Eilen Jewell’s cupid shoots Bang Bang
Bang at the Queen Of The Minor Key,
Terry Radigan has a most powerful Voodoo
from her Breakdown Of A Breakup,
Sharon Glassman shoots an Arrow Of Love
from Blame It On Hoboken - The Songs &
The Book & The Podcast!
Paul Sachs says I Forget About Her
Everyday in Oil Town,
Muzyka! (Lee Anne Whitman, Johnny Hunt,
Chuck Grant and Hillary Huebler)
I Courted A Young Man to Welcome Home!
Dale Watson keeps his Forever Valentine
to Call Me Insane,
Wendy Burch Steel waits for 
Your Sweet Hand with Open Wings,
Sid Whelan has a Long Lonely Night
from The Story of Ike Dupree,
Judy Banker is still Crazy for You
with you or Without You,
The Crushtones are Through With You
to escort us into Hour Three,
Bob Marshall sings Bessy’s Song from
 Horses That Run Far Away,
Craig Cassler wants to Ease
Your Sorrow Back To You,
Judy Kass tells that Same Sorry Old
Timeless Tale Beyond the Ash and Steel,
RB Stone has a YoYo Lover
Some Call It Freedom
(Some Call It The Blues),
Benny Turner wonders Have You Ever Been
So Lonesome When She’s Gone,
Tom Waits sends Blue Valentines via
Used Songs 1973-1980,
Mary Gauthier recommends Walking Each Other
Home no matter the Trouble And Love,
The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You
and is a Brand New Man,
Debi Smith with Mike Auldridge love
Cupid from Hits and Holidays,
AJ Downing delivers his Valentine
 on a very Good Day,
Ray Lambiase discloses I’m In Love
(With Zooey Deschannel)
Time Leaves Things Behind,
Auburn (Liz Lenten) Hell Hath No Fury
like a woman with Mixed Feelings,
Jeff Schrems picks a Pretty Little Posey 
from Ohh…Now I Get It and
Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny
are At It Again to return The Eclectic Chair
back upside down on the table
If I Never Spend a Morning Without You
for Andrew Rogers dedicated
to his wife Sandra Ebel-Rogers.
Aim for Cupid’s Happy Valentine Seat!
Thank you for listening and perusing this site.
This program is produced by Trish Lewis
as a labor of love in the
Positively Fourth Street Studio.
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A Happy Valentine Eclectic Chair 
Playlist 72 with Trish Lewis
1. Eden Brent “Valentine” Jigsaw Heart 2014 Yellow Dog Records or or
2. Jeff Yantz & The Barnhands “Girl U Want” Face for Radio 2016 Big Forehead Music Publishing LLC or or
3. Jeff Yantz & The Barnhands “White Trash Sheba” Face for Radio 2016 Big Forehead Music Publishing LLC or or
4. Traeder “Sometimes” No Evil From Me 2010 Carrie Treder or or
5. Chris Smither “Hundred Dollar Valentine” Hundred Dollar Valentine 2012 Signature Sounds or or
6. Bob Wall “Blue Skies” Shared for Valentine’s Day 2016 Unreleased to Date or
7. Eric Johnson “I Would Not Survive” It Can’t Get Any Better 2015 Self or or
8. Bob Wright “A Penny for A Pound of Pain” Wright Street 2003 Self  or or
10. Joe Sullivan “Valentine” Shared for Valentine’s Day 2016 Unreleased to Date or
12. David Bowie “Valentine’s Day” The Next Day 2013 ISO / Columbia Records or or or
13. James Kahn “Baby I Will Be Your Rock” Waterline 2011 James Kahn Words and Music or
Hour Two
16.  Lawrence Lebo “A Promise That I Can Keep” The Best Of Don’t Call Her Larry Remix Vol. 3 2013 On The Air Records or
17. Matt Steady “Zikara’s Lament” Shared for Valentine’s Day 2016 Unreleased to Date or or
18. The Steeldrivers “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” The Steeldrivers 2008 Rounder Records or
19. The Hangabouts “Love Nothing” Illustrated Bird 2014 Futureman Records or or or
22. John Prine with Fiona Prine “Til A Tear Becomes A Rose” In Spite Of Ourselves 1999 Oh Boy Records or or
23. Eilen Jewell “Bang Bang Bang” Queen Of The Minor Key 2011 Signature Sounds or
24. Terry Radigan “Voodoo” Breakdown Of A Breakup 2012 Self or or
26. Paul Sachs “I Forget About Her Everyday” Oil Town 2011 Self or or
27. Muzyka! “I Courted A Young Man” Welcome Home! 2008 Pleasant People Ent or or
28. Dale Watson “Forever Valentine” Call Me Insane 2015 Red House Records or or or
29. Wendy Burch Steel “Your Sweet Hand” Open Wings 2013 Dragonfly Bridge Music or or
Hour Three
32. The Crushtones “Through With You” The Crushtones 2015 Small Motif Records or
33. Bob Marshall “Bessy’s Song” Horses That Run Far Away 2015 Diamond M Stables or or
34. Craig Cassler “Ease Your Sorrow” Back To You 2014 Self or or
35. Judy Kass “Same Sorry Old Timeless Tale” Beyond the Ash and Steel 2016 Self or or or
36. R.B. Stone “YoYo Lover” Some Call It Freedom (Some Call It The Blues) 2016 Middle Mountain Music or or
37. Benny Turner “Have You Ever Been So Lonesome” When She’s Gone 2015 NOLA Blue Inc. or or or
38. Tom Waits “Blue Valentines” Used Songs 1973-1980 2001 Rhino Records (Originally found on Blue Valentine 1978 Asylum) or or or 
39. Mary Gauthier “Walking Each Other Home” Trouble And Love 2014 In The Black Records or or or  
40. The Reverend Shawn Amos “Brand New Man” The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You 2015 Put Together Records or or
41. Debi Smith with Mike Auldridge “Cupid” Hits and Holidays 2013 Degan Music or or 
42. A.J. Downing “Valentine” Good Day 2012 Charkansas Records or or
43. Ray Lambiase “I’m In Love (With Zooey Deschannel)” Time Leaves Things Behind 2013 Ray Tone Records or or or
44. Auburn (Liz Lenten) “Hell Hath No Fury” Mixed Feelings 2015 Scarlet Records or or
45. Jeff Schrems “Pretty Little Posey” Ohh…Now I Get It 2012 Self or
46. Andy M. Stewart & Manus Lunny “If I Never Spend a Morning Without You” At It Again 1990 Compass Records
☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced and hosted each week
as a labor of love by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio.

May you have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank You for Listening. Peace. ♫
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