Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Eclectic Chair 295 Oct 31 1-3pm Q90.1fm

Welcome to the Eclectic Chair's cyber home. No Stream Yet. The Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair #295 airs on 90.1fm here in Mid-Michigan Halloween Monday 10/31/2011 1-3pm is pulled out by Jeff Yantz & Jeff Schrems who are most definitely “Strange” and features Kathena Bryant in Don Rosler’s Recording Booth, Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, Charlie Musselwhite, Barb Barton, Southern Culture On The Skids, Jakob Dylan, Arnold McCuller, Tom Waits, John Pippus, Steve Earle, Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal, Jay Ward’s Dogbrain, Django Reinhardt, Traeder Band, Whitey Morgan & The 78’s, David Olney, Cornpone (In Flux), Christopher Brown, Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Justin Townes Earle, Dan Vaillancourt, John Prine, & The Grand Marquis!
Happy Halloween! Take Your Seats.

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Eclectic Chair #295 with Host Trish Lewis from Wucx-Fm Happy Halloween!

Introduction Mike Henderson and The Bluebloods “Mister Downchild” Thicker Than Water 1998 Dead Reckoning Records

1. Jeff Yantz with Jeff Schrems “Strange” 2011 Big Forehead Productions or

3. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks “A Magician” Tangled Tales 2009 Surfdog Records or

4. Charlie Musselwhite “Sorcerer’s Dream” The Well 2010 Alligator Records or

5. Barb Barton “Predator and Prey” Turtle Dove 2009 Asarae Productions or
Hard to believe these simple folks have become:

6. Southern Culture On The Skids “Zombified” Zombified 2011 Follow this link to sign up for free download:

7. Jakob Dylan “Evil Is Alive And Well” Seeing Things 2008 Sony Music or

8. Arnold McCuller “Gods And Monsters” Soon As I Get Paid 2011 What’s Good Records or or

9. Tom Waits “Dead And Lovely” Real Gone 2004 Anti Records or or

10. John Pippus “When My Baby Loves Me” Wrapped Up In The Blues 2011 Self or

11. Steve Earle “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive 2011 New West or

12. Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal “Zombiefication” Zombie Nation 2011 Desert Highway Records or

13. Elam McKnight & Bob Bogdal “Hocus Pocus” Zombie Nation 2011 Desert Highway Records or

14. Dogbrain “Wreck” Nest 2008 Jay Ward Dogbrain Music

Take a look at this cool new video of Dogbrain’s “My Reprieve”

15. Django Reinhardt "It Don't Me A Thing" Django Reinhardt Best Recordings Volume 1 1998 Classic Recordings

Hour Two
Take a look at this cool new video of Dogbrain’s “My Reprieve”

Jay Ward takes great Dogbrain(ed) Images too!
16. Dogbrain “Drop Of Blood” Nest 2008 Jay Ward Dogbrain Music
17. Dogbrain “Bone Jockeys” Nest 2008 Jay Ward Dogbrain Music
Carrie Treder & David Cline are Traeder at Saginaw On Stage 2011
18. Traeder (Carrie Treder & David Cline) “Dangerous” Traeder Live On the Wucx-Fm Eclectic Chair 18 April 2011 or or!/TraederBand

19. Charlie Musselwhite “Hoodoo Queen” The Well 2010 Alligator Records or

20. Whitey Morgan & The 78’s “Bad News” Whitey Morgan & The 78’s 2010 Bloodshot Records or

21. David Olney “Frank Is Gone” David Olney Presents Film Noir 2011 Dead Beet Records or
Jeff Schrems & Jon Potrykus as Cornpone (In Flux) October 2010
22. Cornpone (In Flux) Jon Potrykus & Jeff Schrems “Hell” Recorded live in WUCX studio 18 October 2010  or

23. Tom Waits “Little Drop Of Poison” Orphans – Brawlers, Bawler’s & Bastards 2006 Anti Records or or

24. Christopher Brown “Keep That Casket Closed” Characterist 2011 Timbuktunes &/or

25. Elvis Costello “A Voice In The Dark” National Ransom 2010 Hear / Concord Music or

26. Randy Newman “Harps And Angels” Harps And Angels 2008 Nonesuch Records or

27. Justin Townes Earle “Harlem River Blues” Harlem River Blues2010 Bloodshot Records or
Dan Vaillancourt might find paranoia from past road trips!
28. Dan Vaillancourt “Paranoid and Paranormal” Single 2010 Self or  or Watch Dan at a House Concert perform this song:

29. John Prine “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin” The Missing Years 1991 OhBoy Records or

30. Grand Marquis “Topsy” Hold On To Me 2010 Grand Marquis Music or

The Eclectic Chair is produced in the studios of WUCX-FM Delta College Quality Public Radio. 
“…Please don’t think me morbid / It’s just a fact of life/ You live each day like it’s your last / One day you’ll be right…”
- From the song “Keep That Casket Closed” by Christopher Brown.
Have a seat on the next Eclectic Chair each week on this fine public radio station. PEACE
To Daddy's Little Pumkin Kitty of Halloween Past!
Tom Waits Bad As Me Coming Soon To Take  A Seat!
More new old music from John Prine coming soon too!