Friday, April 14, 2017

Eclectic Chair 112 #Podcast & #Playlist Good Friday 2017

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The Eclectic Chair Podcast #112
with Trish Lewis is pulled out by
Josh Woodward using Crazy Glue
during The Wake to Let It In from Ashes,
Paul Simon doesn’t need a Wristband
reaching Stranger To Stranger,
Mark Dvorak knows It’s A Sin
To Tell A Lie Back Home where
Time Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me,
Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas (Solitaire Miles)
Crazy Cause I Love You when The Blues Don’t Care
 Live In Chicago at the PianoForte Foundation,
Mike Laureanno walks a Tightrope to
Shine a Light on Washington,
Henke Wermelin it will be alright When We
Move Back Home with Accolades,
Delta Moon knows we’re Just Lucky I Guess to be
with a 21st Century Man in Cabbage Town,
Billy T Band faces up to a
Reckoning On Your Own,
Davey O. is still Making Good Time when
Nothing Could Go Wrong following
 A Bright Horizon Line,
Alice Howe has Homeland Blues to escort us
into Hour Two hoping to Make a Fool Out of Me
since You’ve Been Away So Long,
Circe Link (with Christian Nesmith)
float some Black Balloons wearing a Yellow Dress 
sharing Enchanted Objects & Ordinary Things,
Gretchen’s Wheel takes a Left Turn
Out of Your Hands with a Sad Scientist,
Adrianna Marie and Her Room Full of All-Stars
enjoy Mood Indigo in their Kingdom of Swing,
Like me, Tom Waits knows how
to Get Lost and be Bad As Me,
Landon Spradlin I Got Jesus’ Name
even though I’ve Never Been To Seminary
on No More Blue Mondays,
Hector Anchondo Band Dig You Baby
(featuring Amanda Fish)
That’s How It All Goes when we Roll The Dice
and Sean Chambers returns The Eclectic Chair
back upside down on the table
with Trouble & Whiskey.
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This program is produced by Trish Lewis
as a labor of love in the
Positively Fourth Street Studio.
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The Eclectic Chair Podcast 112
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6. Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas (Solitaire Miles) “Crazy Cause I Love You” 
Susie Blue and the Lonesome Fellas Live In Chicago at the PianoForte Foundation 
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Hour Two
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29. Sean Chambers “Trouble & Whiskey” Trouble & Whiskey 
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☮☞ The Eclectic Chair Podcast is produced and hosted as a labor of love 
by Trish Lewis in the Positively Fourth Street Studio. 
Thank You for Listening. Peace. ♫